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Save the Earth

Clean, quiet and visually unobtrusive in nature. Solar energy plants do not have any polluting emissions, do not make any sound, and are not considered to be an “eyesore.”

Save for your children

With Clean, quiet and visually unobtrusive in nature of benefits solar power offer, you can provide a better future earth environment for your children.

Save for yourselves

You are guaranteed a 10% ROI, but the actual ROI is usually greater than 15% based on historical data, which means up to $100,000 return in 20 years.

Solar Pool?

“Frequently Asked Questions”

What is Solar Pool?

Solar Pool is our turnkey solution to provide the rooftop solar PV system that is eligible for Ontario Power Authority microFIT program.

What is microFIT program?

The microFIT program is a renewable energy initiative launched by the OPA to increase renewable energy in Ontario. This program allows home owners to sell their generated solar energy to OPA. Details can be found at

Why sell electricity when you can use it?

Currently you are paying $0.129/kW to your electric company at peak. Under the microFIT program, OPA will purchase your electricity at $0.396/kW, which is more than 3 times of what you are paying at peak and this rate is guarantee for 20 years.

What is Winford relation to the microFIT program?

Winford Windows has newly established a Solar Energy division partnership with Polaron Solartech Corp., affiliate under XinYi Solar Holding Ltd. (SEHK Mainboard-listed Company: Stock Code: 00968). Together we wish to spread greener communities throughout the province. Polaron Solartech Corp. is a member of the Canada Solar Association and an OPA local content compliant system developer.

What is the next step if I am interested?

You can email to with your name and property address, or contact one of our sales representative. We’ll send you the estimated size and price within a few days.

How long will it take to have the system installed?

If you decided to proceed, we have to sign a contract with $2,000 deposit. Then we’ll apply on your behalf to participate in the microFIT project. After approval, we’ll schedule for measurement, installation, connection to LDC, etc., the whole process will take about 9-13 weeks.

What if the application failed?

Usually OPA will make the decision within 2 months. Under rare situation that application failed, the deposit will return back to you.

What is the return on investment?

You are guaranteed a 10% ROI based on the first 5 years cumulative average, but the actual ROI is as high as 15% based on historical data, which means up to $100,000 return in 20 years.

How long will it take to break even?

It will typically take around 7 years to break even. Most importantly, you will have saved 185 tons of CO2 (carbon dioxide) or over 4,700 trees by the end of the program.

Is the income taxable?

Yes, but the initial investment can be claimed as expense as well, meaning you will not need to pay tax on your solar energy system’s generated income for the first 6 to 7 years.

What if the house is sold?

The OPA contract is transferrable to the new owner. According to National Renewable Energy Lab, homes with solar panels sold 20 percent faster with 3-4% value added.

Is the solar energy system very expensive?

The price can range from $20,000-$30-000 depending on the size of the system. For example, the top of the line 10kW system will cost $29,300.

How come some companies offer a free system?

From another perspective, they are renting your roof. For example, if the initial cost is $30,000 and the expected income is $5,000 each year. They offer the system free to you and give you $600 each year, whereas they kept the difference ($4,400) for the next 20 years!

Is borrowing a wise option?

Different people may have different situation. For example, it is possible to arrange for a 15 years mortgage on the solar system. Then you only need to pay $2,000 up front, to enjoy more than $1,000 each year for 15 years and enjoy full income for the last 5 years to a total return of $40,000. The amazing thing is you will break even within 2 years.
The figures are based on historical projection on 6.49% interest rate. For people with access to better rate, say personnel line of credit, the return will be much higher.


Do we have to remove snow or leaves?

No, we have enough of that exercise on the ground already. The system is built for all seasons. No day to day maintenance is required.

What is the cost of maintenance?

The system comes with a 3 years limited installation labour warranty. The solar panel also come with a 10 years manufacturer warranty and a 25 years performance warranty. All these warranty really make Solar Pool a worry free investment.

If that is not enough, extended labour warranty is available to cover the life of the contract at an amazing low price – $700 is a steal.

Can I replace the shingles after the system is installed?

Yes, but the panels need to be taken down first, and put back on after the shingles are replaced.
Since the solar panels are built on top of the shingles, it naturally forms an extra protection to anything underneath it. If your shingles are near the end of their lifespan, it is recommended to replace the shingles before installing the solar system.
However do not let the unknown hold you back for your incredible investment. For an extra $2,500, you’ll get a one time free removing and reinstalling of the rooftop solar system in case you have to replace your shingles. Even better, you don’t have to decide now. You can make your choice anytime within 5 years of system completion.

What is solar PV?

Solar PV stands for Solar Photovoltaics, a technology that converts sunlight into electricity. A rooftop solar PV system is a system that consists of solar panels that are installed on the roof to convert sunlight into electricity.

What is OPA?

OPA stands for Ontario Power Authority which was established in 2004 by Ontario government.

What is LDC?

LDC stands for Local Distribution Company. This is the company to which you pay your electricity bill.

What is ROI?

ROI stands for return on investment. For example, if you invest $100 and get interest of $3 every year, then the ROI is 3%.